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Cross this one off the bucket list…. I stood on the red dot of a TED Talk

and led the audience through some approachable yoga postures and mind expanding topics like breathing deeply and honestly. Truly an amazing day to enjoy sharing my yoga with the patrons and speakers in La Jolla on December 2nd. We gathered in the UCSD institute of the Americas building to hear the primarily women speakers come together to speak of their own interpretation of “The Space Between”. From life changing cross-country cycling, to a scientists corelation  of the Wizard of Oz and Flashdance, to advocating for women’s’ sexual freedoms to be taken as seriously as mens ; the event was diverse, raw, and made with love.  I am honored to have been able to share my passions with this group and community.



The following is a current breakdown of Holiday Pricing for  :

  • $60/hour / person
  • $45/hour / person 2 person semi private
  • $40/hour / person 3 person max semi private

Orthopedic / Student / Military :

  • $50/hour / person
  • $35/hour / person 2 person semi private
  • $30/hour /person 3 person max semi private

Packages are available to keep you committed to your wellness program and to provide continuity of proggression :

  • 3 sessions @ 5% off
  • 5 sessions @ 10% off
  • 10 sessions @ 15% off

These prices are for sessions of yoga, TRX, Total Gym Gravity, and other functional training modalities.

Currently primarily training out of Activ Studio on 321 W. Washington St. San Diego, CA 92103.

I am also available to travel, so please inquire!


Gravity Total Gym .

Gravity Total Gym .