The music will be great, the stretch amazing, and the feeling invigorating.  Metta will be providing 2 yoga classes Tuesday mornings @

THE TURQUOISE  ~ CAFÉ – BAR EUROPA.  873 Turquoise St.  North PB.

Check out our patio for Coffee and breakfast while attending a yoga class!  This fast paced world can slow down for at least a half hour while you get centered and breathe deeply on

Tuesday mornings 8am – 8:30 & 8:40 – 9:10.

These half hour classes are just $7 dollars and can start your day off on a grounded foot with an open mind/body.  Level 1 classes are appropriate for most kinds of attire, so casual clothing is fine.  The shorter classes allow for you to squeeze your practice into a busy life …. Or you can stay to attend both classes for only $10!

Please bring your own mat, as there will be limited mats provided.