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Gravity Total Gym .

Gravity Total Gym .

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of an intimate training setting for the Total Gym Foundation Course with the famous International Presenter and Master Trainer Rob Glick.
Check me out at Activ Studio 321 West Washington St. San Diego, Ca. 92103 for private and semi private classes coming to the schedule!

Total Gym® is the world’s leading privately-held manufacturer of functional and bodyweight training equipment. Founded in 1974, the San Diego-based company’s Total Gym products are used in 14,000 physical therapy clinics, athletic training facilities, hospitals, universities, professional sports teams and health clubs, inspiring over 24 million workouts per year worldwide.
Functional Training

Total Gym is an angular variable resistance device. It uses your body weight against the pull of gravity as the load, which means Total Gym doesn’t lock you into one position or movement. You can train in all three planes of motion: front to back, side-to-side and rotational.

Total Gym allows a full, free range of motion of the joints, and builds body strength by working major muscle groups together in concert with the core stabilizers of the abdomen and back.

Functional exercises create stronger, leaner muscles than isolation exercises, because they encourage the muscles of the body to work together imitating real life activities.

Total Gym helps you develop the muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility that can dramatically improve your body shape and composition. Whether you want to build lean muscle mass, to gain size or to replace excess fat, Total Gym is your ride to success.


The music will be great, the stretch amazing, and the feeling invigorating.  Metta will be providing 2 yoga classes Tuesday mornings @

THE TURQUOISE  ~ CAFÉ – BAR EUROPA.  873 Turquoise St.  North PB.

Check out our patio for Coffee and breakfast while attending a yoga class!  This fast paced world can slow down for at least a half hour while you get centered and breathe deeply on

Tuesday mornings 8am – 8:30 & 8:40 – 9:10.

These half hour classes are just $7 dollars and can start your day off on a grounded foot with an open mind/body.  Level 1 classes are appropriate for most kinds of attire, so casual clothing is fine.  The shorter classes allow for you to squeeze your practice into a busy life …. Or you can stay to attend both classes for only $10!

Please bring your own mat, as there will be limited mats provided.