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To Make a Ginger Compress

Needed Items:

  • Large Pot
  • 6 inch ginger root fresh
  • Cheesecloth or muslin tea bag
  • 3 towels (hand towels or face clothes are appropriate sized)

Step 1

Boil water in large pot.  Reduce to simmer

Step 2

Grate ginger using fine side of grater for best results; more juice will be released from the finer particles.

Step 3

Grated ginger into a cheese cloth square or large muslin tea bag.  Tightly tie.

Step 4

Add bagged ginger to simmering water for 5 minutes.  Adjust burner to “LOW” and remove ginger.

Step 5

Place towel over are to be treated (low back, kidneys,inflamm, etc).  Dip second towel into warm ginger water and wring out, place over first dry towel.  Cover the two towels with a third dry towel (or blanket) to retain heat.

Step 6

Don’t let compress cool on area, leave on until heat is lost.  Repeat process until the skin glows bright pink.


Save the ginger water to reuse throughout the week for additional compresses(be sure it was not boiled in the process though).  Grated ginger may be saved to use in cooking.   Compress should not be used over eyes.


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